Why do TV chefs make so few vegetarian recipes?

I love to watch cooking shows on TV. It is a great way of picking up new recipes, new techniques and opening up your mind to different cuisines. But why is it always so meaty?

I was watching Jamie Oliver the other day, and I had to turn it off. Partly because I find him annoying! But mainly because his shows in particular are so meat obsessed!

Jamie Oliver

Vegetarian chefs

Are there any vegetarian chefs cooking on TV? Not that I am aware of. Nigel Slater does some nice recipes that are meat-free, as does Hugh Fearnley-Whittigstall.

But generally vegetarian ideas are sadly lacking!

Why cook vegetarian recipes?

I think chefs on TV should be cooking more veggie dishes because:

  • They can be made be a wider number of people
  • They are generally healthier
  • They are more environmentally friendly
  • They’re generally cheaper to make.

Until then, I might find myself switching off more than I like to be.


One response

  1. nice website. You’re correct there is a general disregard for vegetarians in the UK media. The Guardian and its readership, in particular, seem to lampoon vegetarians, which I have always found odd. Here’s a great veggie recipe website: http://veggiestan.com/. This lady’s cookbook is lovely. Check it out! ttfn

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