V is for Vegetarian

I often wonder what criteria food manufacturers and supermarkets use when applying the ‘V’ symbol to vegetarian products.

I was searching for some balsamic vinegar on the Sainsburys website yesterday and the one I wanted did not have the V symbol on it. Is this because it is truly not vegetarian or is it because they simply did not use the symbol on it?

The vegetarian symbol

The vegetarian symbol

There is a degree of trust implied when you see the symbol that you trust the manufacturer agress with what your definition of a vegatariaqn is.

My definition of a vegetarian

My definition of a vegetarian food is something that contains no meat, fish or poultry and no  ingredients of the animal slaughter industry. This includes:

  • Gelatine
  • Animal fat
  • Artificial ingredients derived from animals, such as cochineal.

Veggie approved products

If you are looking for vegetarian foods, I suggest you always double check the ingredients do not have any animal ingredients. A good place to start when looking for veggie foods in the Vegetarian Socity website list of approved products.

When you then learn to know what constitutes a veggie-friendly ingredient you’ll be better informed when looking at ingredients lists.

The ‘V’ sysmbol is a great way of knowing what is veggie but my advice is to always look beyond it for 100% certainty.


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