The Prince George – a vegetarian pub in Brighton

The Prince George pub, Brighton

I visited The Prince George pub in Brighton yesterday and just wanted to give my views on it.

I moved to Brighton in 1996 and this pub was kicking around way back then.

It was alwasy a little down at heel, studenty, but alwasy veggie.

The Prince George Brighton

I have not been for a few years and was pleased to see that it has had a re-furb. Lots of exposed brickwork, dim lighting and a nice bar area.

The veggie menu

The George was probably the first veggie pub I had ever eaten at. It is still veggie, which is great.

However, whilst refurbing the pub, I wonder whether they could have refurbed the menu too.

Chips with almost everything

Choices includes chips with pretty much everything, lots of burgers, a Mexican section which is the usual fare of chilli and burritos, and maybe one thing I saw that didn’t come with chips which was the paella.

Whilst I happily support any business giving vegetarian only choices, I do think the menu is very generic and without much inspiration.

It could have more salads, more vegetables, more ideas, more innovation, more fresh ingredients.

Eveything was pretty much £9 which seemed a little expensive for what I had, which was halloumi, chips and a pepporonata sauce.

A good place to go to start a night out drinking, but if you’re looking for imaginative veggie food, maybe not the place for you.


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