A Vegetarian Christmas

Christmas can be a vegetarian’s worst nightmare. Lashings of turkey? Honey glazed ham? Pheasant? Duck? Yuck!

I grew up, as most people do, associating Christmas with festive meaty fare. Since I turned veggie at aged 18, I have never really looked forward to the so-called best culinary day of the year.

Vegetarian websites

But in the last few years, with some research, I have discovered the delights a truly tasty vegetarian Christmas dinner. There are loads of great veggie and veggie-friendly websites out there offering different variations for what to cook for Christmas.


Vegetarian magazines

There are also some great veggie magazines out there in the UK that at this time of year concentrate what to cook for a veggie Christmas.

The main two are ‘Cook Vegetarian‘ and ‘Vegetarian Living‘.

Happy Christmas feasting!