I am a vegetarian

Up til now my blog has been a little bit faceless. I recently realised I had not really given too much away about who I am!

Well my name is Ben and I live in Brighton & Hove. I became vegetarian twenty years ago when I was 18 years old.

I’d just started university. I had been thinking about becoming veggie for quite a few years but since I was going to be fending for myself in the kitchen, I thought it was time to put my vegetarian cooking skills to the test!

Twenty years later I am passionate about living a meat and cruelty free life as ever. Since vegetarianism is my passion I decided that would be a good subject to blog about.

I am a member of the Vegetarian Society, subscribe to Cook Vegetarian magazine, love to try out and support new veggie restaurants and cafes wherever I go and am always up for convincing meat eaters why veggie is the way forward.

And this is me…

Ben Hills-Jones