Is meat safe to eat? BBC Horizon

People become vegetarian for many reasons. But have you considered whether meat is actually safe to eat?

If so, there is an interesting programme being shown tonight (Monday 18th August) on BBC2.

BBC Horizon – Is meat safe to eat?

Horizon – is meat safe to eat?

Horison Michael Mosley BBC

Dr Michael Mosley has been investigating the truth behind the headlines for BBC Horizon.

He will try eating a high meat diet to see what impact is has on his health. Sounds great, a must watch for any veggies or any concerned meat eaters.


The programme will then be available on BBC iPlayer for seven days if you miss the show.


Why do TV chefs make so few vegetarian recipes?

I love to watch cooking shows on TV. It is a great way of picking up new recipes, new techniques and opening up your mind to different cuisines. But why is it always so meaty?

I was watching Jamie Oliver the other day, and I had to turn it off. Partly because I find him annoying! But mainly because his shows in particular are so meat obsessed!

Jamie Oliver

Vegetarian chefs

Are there any vegetarian chefs cooking on TV? Not that I am aware of. Nigel Slater does some nice recipes that are meat-free, as does Hugh Fearnley-Whittigstall.

But generally vegetarian ideas are sadly lacking!

Why cook vegetarian recipes?

I think chefs on TV should be cooking more veggie dishes because:

  • They can be made be a wider number of people
  • They are generally healthier
  • They are more environmentally friendly
  • They’re generally cheaper to make.

Until then, I might find myself switching off more than I like to be.