Vegetarian restaurants in Canada

I’m off to explore beautiful Canada this Summer and I can’t wait! I’ve been to Canada few times on holiday before and this year I am heading to Toronto and Montreal.

Vegetarians on vacation

Whenever I travel abroad I always have to put some thought into what I am going to eat. If you aren’t vegetarian then this is not something you probably have to think about too much.

However, after having spent too many hours of my life meandering round various towns and cities across the world hopefully searching for a beacon of vegetarian friendliness, I have learned the a vegetarian’s motto should always be – ‘be prepared’.

Vegetarian restaurants in Toronto

I have never really found travelling in North America that easy a culinary task. However, I have always found that if you dig deep enough, there is usually a few good veggie options to be had.

Toronto skyline

Toronto skyline

A few places I have found online for Toronto include:

  • Cafe 668 – had a look at their website which didn’t offer up much information – anyone been here and recommend it?
  • Woodlot – menu looks really good, so this is going on my list. Anyone been here?
  • Live Food Bar – Now this place looks quite hardcore veggie but I must say my kinda place too! Looking forward to going…

Vegetarian restaurants in Montreal

Now travelling to French Quebec is never something a veggie takes on lightly – have you ever tried to find good veggie food in France?!

Montreal skyline

Montreal skyline

However, having a quick look online it seems like there may be a few vegetarian surprises in Montreal.

  • Aux Vivres – a vegan place (yes, vegan) in Montreal. Looks like it is a lunch place, though they are open in the evening, and they have a juice bar too.
  • Bonny’s vegetarian restaurant – offers dine in and take out options. Menu looks interesting and quite global. Definitely going to check this place out!

Veggie places to eat in Canada

If anyone reading this has any good veggie tips to share for either Toronto or Montreal, please let me know. I’d love to try out as many vegetarian places to eat in Toronto and Montreal as possible.

Vegetarian places to eat at in Brighton & Hove

Is Brighton & Hove the best place to be a vegetarian? Quite possibly, and luckily for me I live here!

Brighton has always been a very tolerant, liberal kind of city and this alternative culture has spawned a large vegetarian community which I’m proud to be a part of. There are loads of places worth checking out if you’re vegetarian and want to explore Brighton.


Terre a Terre

Terre a Terre is a mainstay of veggie dining in Brighton and is often voted one of the best vegetarian restaurants to eat at in the UK. It has recently undergone a renovation and looks even better than ever. The staff are always very welcoming and knowledgeable about the dishes on offer. Some of the ingredients can be a bit baffling, but staff are always on hand to explain. Prices are on the £££ side but believe me, it’s well worth it, especially if you are celebrating something like a birthday or anniversary. You won’t regret going!

Wai Kiki Moo Kau

Wai Kiki Moo Kau has been around for what seems like years and has always been a reliable veggie place to eat in Brighton. Located in the North Laines, it’s a great choice if you’re browsing the Brighton Laines and are looking for somewhere to go for lunch. Lots of healthy options, including some great freshly squeezed juices, they also do a great mezze platter for two. Prices are ££.


Iydea has been around for a couple of years and is on the same street in the Brighton North Laines, on Kensington Gardens. I love it, and is another great choice for a quick lunch.Food is served buffet style and you can eat in, though space is limited and you may have to share a table. Prices are £. Update! A new branch of Iydea has now opened on the Brighton/Hove border on Western road, near the junction of Montpelier Road, so why not check it out!



Ethels cafe in Hove is not strictly vegetarian but has some great veggie options. Located on Blatchington Road, it offers a great breakfast and lunch. Staff are always friendly and there are tables out front if the weather is nice. Food is always very fresh and pretty healthy. Prices are ££. Open daytime only.

Yet more vegetarian options in Brighton

The great thing about looking for veggie food in Brighton is that virtually everywhere has a great choice of veggie options, so you don’t necessarily have to seek out a specifically vegetarian restaurant (though I would recommend you do if you can!). So if you are looking for a great veggie culinary experience, you couldn’t do better than coming to vegetarian central – Brighton & Hove!