Is meat safe to eat? BBC Horizon

People become vegetarian for many reasons. But have you considered whether meat is actually safe to eat?

If so, there is an interesting programme being shown tonight (Monday 18th August) on BBC2.

BBC Horizon – Is meat safe to eat?

Horizon – is meat safe to eat?

Horison Michael Mosley BBC

Dr Michael Mosley has been investigating the truth behind the headlines for BBC Horizon.

He will try eating a high meat diet to see what impact is has on his health. Sounds great, a must watch for any veggies or any concerned meat eaters.


The programme will then be available on BBC iPlayer for seven days if you miss the show.


Vegetarian places to eat at in Brighton & Hove

Is Brighton & Hove the best place to be a vegetarian? Quite possibly, and luckily for me I live here!

Brighton has always been a very tolerant, liberal kind of city and this alternative culture has spawned a large vegetarian community which I’m proud to be a part of. There are loads of places worth checking out if you’re vegetarian and want to explore Brighton.


Terre a Terre

Terre a Terre is a mainstay of veggie dining in Brighton and is often voted one of the best vegetarian restaurants to eat at in the UK. It has recently undergone a renovation and looks even better than ever. The staff are always very welcoming and knowledgeable about the dishes on offer. Some of the ingredients can be a bit baffling, but staff are always on hand to explain. Prices are on the £££ side but believe me, it’s well worth it, especially if you are celebrating something like a birthday or anniversary. You won’t regret going!

Wai Kiki Moo Kau

Wai Kiki Moo Kau has been around for what seems like years and has always been a reliable veggie place to eat in Brighton. Located in the North Laines, it’s a great choice if you’re browsing the Brighton Laines and are looking for somewhere to go for lunch. Lots of healthy options, including some great freshly squeezed juices, they also do a great mezze platter for two. Prices are ££.


Iydea has been around for a couple of years and is on the same street in the Brighton North Laines, on Kensington Gardens. I love it, and is another great choice for a quick lunch.Food is served buffet style and you can eat in, though space is limited and you may have to share a table. Prices are £. Update! A new branch of Iydea has now opened on the Brighton/Hove border on Western road, near the junction of Montpelier Road, so why not check it out!



Ethels cafe in Hove is not strictly vegetarian but has some great veggie options. Located on Blatchington Road, it offers a great breakfast and lunch. Staff are always friendly and there are tables out front if the weather is nice. Food is always very fresh and pretty healthy. Prices are ££. Open daytime only.

Yet more vegetarian options in Brighton

The great thing about looking for veggie food in Brighton is that virtually everywhere has a great choice of veggie options, so you don’t necessarily have to seek out a specifically vegetarian restaurant (though I would recommend you do if you can!). So if you are looking for a great veggie culinary experience, you couldn’t do better than coming to vegetarian central – Brighton & Hove!

‘Meet Me At Hendersons’ – a history of vegetarian food in Britain

I am always fascinated when discovering the history of vegetarians in the UK.

Although living a meat-free life might seem like a relatively recent phenomenon in the UK, the history of vegetarians goes back many generations.

I spotted this interesting article in ‘The Independent’ about a restaurant called Henderson’s in Edinburgh.


The oldest veggie restaurant in the UK

Did you know Henderson’s is the oldest veggie restaurant in the UK?

Take a look and find out more about this fascinating place. I want to go there!

The Independent – When Henderson’s first opened, meat-free meals were as radical as mini skirts. Fifty years on, the UK’s oldest veggie restaurant is an Edinburgh institution.

Why do TV chefs make so few vegetarian recipes?

I love to watch cooking shows on TV. It is a great way of picking up new recipes, new techniques and opening up your mind to different cuisines. But why is it always so meaty?

I was watching Jamie Oliver the other day, and I had to turn it off. Partly because I find him annoying! But mainly because his shows in particular are so meat obsessed!

Jamie Oliver

Vegetarian chefs

Are there any vegetarian chefs cooking on TV? Not that I am aware of. Nigel Slater does some nice recipes that are meat-free, as does Hugh Fearnley-Whittigstall.

But generally vegetarian ideas are sadly lacking!

Why cook vegetarian recipes?

I think chefs on TV should be cooking more veggie dishes because:

  • They can be made be a wider number of people
  • They are generally healthier
  • They are more environmentally friendly
  • They’re generally cheaper to make.

Until then, I might find myself switching off more than I like to be.

Vegetarians in the UK and the Vegetarian Society

The Vegetarian Society is one of the oldest vegetarian societies in the world. It is based in Manchester in England and was formed in 1847.

The Vegetarian Society is an educational charity working to support, represent and increase the number of vegetarians in the UK. It’s a great organisation which I am proud to be a member of.

Why join the Vegetarian Society?

I joined the Vegetarian Society because I am passionate about vegetarianism. I want to support an organisation that helps people become vegetarian and support the lives of vegetarians in the UK and is an advocate for vegetarian issues.


What services do the Vegetarian Society offer?

National Vegetarian Week

They also run National Vegetarian Week. This will be from 20 to 26 May 2013 in the UK.

What is a Vegetarian Approved Product?

If you have ever wondered how you can find out what products you buy are REALLY veggie, then the society also produce a list of approved products.

Become a VegSoc Member

Why not become a Vegetarian Society member? It is a great charity to join and you’ll receive regular magazines, and access to some great veggie discounts too!

Just in case you are wondering, I am not on commission from the VegSoc, I am simply a passionate advocate of the work that they do!