Cook Vegetarian

I’ve been cooking veggie food for over twenty years but sometimes I run out of inspiration.

I often turn to the internet for vegetarian recipe ideas. However, I do also recommend subscribing to a vegetarian cooking magazine if you’re also looking for some non-meaty culinary ideas.

Cook Vegetarian

I have subscribed to two different vegetarian magazines, ‘Cook Vegetarian‘ and ‘Vegetarian Living‘.

I prefer ‘Cook Vegetarian’ as it has more recipes. I also really like the colour photos and I find the recipes easy to follow. It’s not one of those magazines with loads of really bizarre ingredients your struggle to get hold of.

Cook Vegetarian magazine

Cook Vegetarian magazine

It costs £17.25 for six issues and I just discovered you can buy a digital edition from the Apple newsstand.

I have no affiliation with this magazine. I just wanted to recommend it as I always find something I want to make in it and often their recipes are very seasonal too.


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  1. I also buy cook vegetarian, lots of easy to make stuff in there like quick evening meals, which is always good. Though I’ve also been buying Vegetarian Living recently too, which has a slightly posher magazine feel. What with the internet, magazines like this are probably headed for extinction in the long run, but I do love the feel of a physical magazine with glossy photos to browse through.

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